We Love Our Students

Over the years, the Kentucky Lottery has been able to contribute over $4.8 BILLION in scholarships and grants to our AMAZING Kentucky students! In fact, we’re so proud we wanted to shed a little spotlight on them, if you don’t mind.

Your Dollars Make Scholars

Your Dollars Make Scholars

Where does all that money go? To our wonderful winners of course, but also to college students! When you play the Kentucky Lottery, you are helping to contribute to the education of students in your neighborhood. From Fort Campbell to Hopkinsville, and all throughout Kentucky! We’re going to be transparent, we take a lot of pride in the fact we can continue to contribute to the education of the students around us. Learn more about where the money goes here!



Scholarships By County

The Home Team

The bright minds of the students from our listening counties have been able to earn over $76 MILLION is Scholarships and Grants! And our very own Murray State University students have received a combined $139 MILLION! Way to go Kentucky students and congratulations from WKDZ and the Kentucky Lottery! Find out scholarship totals statewide here.


KEES for Kentucky Students!

Have a KEES Story?

We are always excited to hear the inspiring stories from KEES recipients and parents on how the scholarship has helped them achieve their goals. Please share your story with us, you may be featured on our website! Visit us here for more information.