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Area Farmers Starting To Grow Wrapper Tobacco

Some western Kentucky tobacco farmers are starting to grow wrapper tobacco, which is new to this region of the country. If you are wondering what wrapper tobacco is, Christian County Agriculture Extension Agent Matt Futtrell says the...Read More

Senator Paul Proposing H2A Red Tape Reduction

United States Senator Rand Paul is introducing legislation this week aimed at reducing red tape associated with the H2A Guest Worker program. Senator Paul told the News Edge during a conversation that the H2A Guest Worker program...Read More

Garden Corner – Powdery Mildew of Dogwood

Kelly Jackson Christian County Extension Office Powdery Mildew of Dogwood Dogwood is a popular landscape tree throughout Kentucky, but it is not without its issues. One major disease of dogwoods is powdery mildew. Its distinguishing feature is...Read More

Garden Corner – Black Knot on Plum

Kelly Jackson Christian County Extension Office Black Knot on Plum Black knot is a serious fungal pest of American, European, and Japanese varieties of plum and, to a lesser extent, sweet, tart, and Mahaleb cherries. This disease...Read More