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Garden Corner – Woolly Aphids

Kelly Jackson Christian County Extension Office Woolly Aphids Elm, silver maple, apple hawthorn, and serviceberry often have colonies of woolly aphids living on the undersides of their leaves in spring. Initially, they are clearly aphids but they...Read More

Garden Corner – Spring Clover Mites

Kelly Jackson Christian County Extension Office Spring Clover Mites Warming weather begins to bring out some unwanted insect and mite activity. One harbinger of spring is clover mite. Clover mites are accidental invaders that can be a...Read More

Christian County Agribusiness Sponsors Ag In Classroom

The Christian Agribusiness Association will providing resources to the Christian County School system to better educate students about agriculture. The agribusiness association voted to purchase two Kentucky Ag and Environment in the classroom teaching kits after hearing...Read More