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Beeler Joins TeachKyAg Team As EngAGe Speaker

Former Governor’s Office of Ag Policy Director Warren Beeler will continue spreading the message of Kentucky Agriculture with the Kentucky Agriculture in the Classroom program. Director Jennifer Elwell announced that Beeler, who is known as Mr. Agriculture,...Read More

Create A Bird Haven

Few things are as interesting and attractive as songbirds. Unfortunately, suitable habitat for birds is often in short supply. As urban areas expand and develop, natural areas are often destroyed or altered dramatically. By creating bird gardens,...Read More

Replacing The Knock-Outs

Rose Rosette is a severely damaging disease to nearly all cultivated roses, especially the popular Knock-Out roses. Symptoms include leaf distortion; witches broom; abnormal red discoloration; and increased shoot elongation. Rose Rosette is caused by a virus...Read More