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Who is eligible to vote?

Every registered Democrat and Republican of the United States of the age of eighteen years or older who has lived in the state of Kentucky for at least 28 days before the election is eligible to vote.  There are only a few exceptions:

  1. Persons convicted of a felony offense unless civil rights have been restored by the Governor.
  2. Anyone who has been declared “mentally incompetent” in a court of law and has voting rights removed.
  3. Anyone who claims the right to vote anywhere outside of Kentucky.

What is a Primary Election?

A primary election is an election in which a person can vote for the candidate of his/her choice as long as the candidates are a member of the same party (Democrat, Republican).  No person is allowed to vote for any party candidates or slates of candidates other than that of the party of which he or she is registered.   If you changed your party affiliation after December 31, 2023, you are NOT eligible to vote in the Primary Election.  All eligible registered voters, regardless of party affiliation, may vote in general and special elections.

If I am out of town on Election Day, Can I vote via Absentee Ballot? 

Mail-in Absentee ballots may be requested through govoteky.gov or sos@ky.gov absentee portal.  If you do not have computer access, feel free to call the County Clerk’s office at 270-522-6661.

The portal is available April 6-May 7, 2024.  Postage to mail the ballot is $1.63.   You may deliver the ballot to the County Clerk’s office.   There is also a drop box at the drive through window and a drop box in the County Clerk’s office.  You may vote an absentee ballot by mail if you are:

  1. Military or Overseas voters covered in 117A.010.
  2. Student who temporarily resides outside the county of his/her residence.
  3. Voter who temporarily resides out of the state, but still resides in Kentucky (snowbirds,

Employment, etc.)

  1. Incarcerated in jail and charted with a crime but not yet convicted.
  2. A participant in the Secretary of State’s address confidentiality protection program.
  3. Voter who cannot appear during Election Day, excused or no excuse in-person absentee.

Due to age, disability, or illness and has not been declared mentally disabled by a court.

  1. Voter who is prevented from voting during Election Day, excused or no excuse in-person absentee who will be absent from the county during all in-person voting.
  2. Voters identified in KRS 117.077-Medical Emergency voters.

Is there a portal available to vote if I am disabled?

Yes!   You may call the County Clerk’s office at 270-522-6661 and we can send the disabled voter an email with a link and password to obtain a ballot.   The voter may mark their ballot using their own devices.   Note, this option was originally designed for the visually impaired; however, any disabled voter can utilize this option.

Ballot Processing for all Absentee mail in ballots will begin May 21 around 10:30 am and the Central Ballot Counting Board will meet as needed.   For times of meetings, please call the County Clerk’s office at 270-522-6661.


Will In-Person Excused Absentee Voting be available?

In-Person Excused absentee voting will be available May 8-15, 2024, during regular office hours from 8 am to 4 pm at the County Clerk’s office, 38 Main Street, Cadiz.   You may vote an in-person Excused absentee ballot if you are unable to vote May 16-21, 2024, only if:

  1.   Military or Overseas voters covered in 117A.010 and a resident of Kentucky who is

a uniformed service voter confined to a military base on Election Day or all days of

In-person no excuse absentee/early voting.

  1.   Student who temporarily resides out of state but still resides in Kentucky.
  2.  Voter who temporarily resides out of state but still resides in Kentucky (snowbirds,

employment, etc.)

Voter or voter’s spouse who has surgery scheduled that will require hospitalization the

day of an election and during the days of no excuse in person voting.

  1. Voter who is in her last trimester of pregnancy and completes the form prescribed by

the State Board of Elections.

  1. Voter who cannot appear during Election Day or no excuse in-person absentee voting.

due to age, disability, or illness and has not been declared mentally disabled by a court.

  1. Any person who is employed in a profession that is scheduled to work during all days and

all hours that shall include commute time, the polls are open on Election Day and no

excuse in-person absentee/early voting.

  1. Election Officers tasked with the Election administration for the current election cycle.

You may vote EARLY with No excuse at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Thursday, May 16-Saturday, May 18, 2024, with no excuse from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.   Be sure to bring your identification.   Your driver’s license will allow quick check-in.

What if I want to change Political Parties prior to the Primary Election?

Unfortunately, the last day for changing Political Parties prior to the Primary election was December 31, 2023.  If you change parties after December 31, 2023, you will be eligible to vote for your new party in the General Election in November.

Who is running for office in the 2024 May Primary Election?



If you are registered Republican:

President Binkley, Ryan L.

Christie, Chris

DeSantis, Ron

Haley, Nikki R.

Ramaswarmy, Vivek

Trump, Donald J.


State Senator Bechler, Lynn

Howell, Jason G.

If you are registered Democrat:

President Biden, Joseph R.

Williamson, Marianne

Phillips, Dean


Where may I go to vote?

We have SEVEN voting centers on Election Day.   You may vote at the place of your choice.  You no longer have to vote in a designated location.  We would like to encourage you to vote early at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) on May 16-18, 2024, from 10 am to 6 pm to keep the lines down; however, you may vote at any one of the following places on May 21, 2024, Election Day from 6 am to 6 pm:

Trigg County Emergency Operations Center (EOC), 39 Jefferson Street, Cadiz

The Way, 197 Lafayette Street, Cadiz

East Golden Pond Fire Department, 4286 Canton Road, Cadiz

Cerulean Baptist Church, 225 Main Street, Cerulean

Trigg County Complex Convention Center, 303 Complex Road, Cadiz

South Road Fire Department, 101 Oakland Church Road, Cadiz

Trigg-Lyon Fire Department, 8811 Rockcastle Road, Cadiz

If you are still not sure, where to vote, call the County Clerk’s Office at 270-522-6661.

What do I need to bring with me when I vote?

You will need to bring a form of identification, such as a Driver’s License, Social Security Card, or Credit Card.

What if I need special assistance at the polls?

All precincts are required to have a voting machine that accommodates a person with a disability to cast a ballot privately and free of outside assistance.


If an eligible voter requires assistance due to physical disability, blindness, or inability to read English, the eligible voter may have assistance, as long as it is not by their employer, agent of their employer, union officer, or agent of that voter’s union.


What is New this year?


Precinct officers will print your ballot on-demand!   This will save time and prevent errors in handing out the incorrect ballot.   We are excited about this new process!  A very important feature is that the print on-demand ballot is NOT connected to the internet.


How does one become a precinct worker?


Our Election workers are all volunteers.   They go through ½ day of training and work on Election Day from 5:30 am until the polls are closed after 6 pm.   They are paid a stipend of $100 for early voting and $150.00 for working Election Day and $35.00 for attending Election Training.   If you would be interested in working the polls, call the Clerk’s office.   We are always looking for volunteers.


When is the General Election?


The General Election will be held on October 31, November 1, 2, and 5, 2024.  At that time, you may vote for whomever you like no matter your party affiliation.


If you have any questions or concerns, call the Trigg County Clerk’s office at 270-522-6661.  Remember, your vote counts!