Weather Edge

The Unseen Creature

       What homeowner doesn’t dream of a perfect smooth emerald-green lawn in front of the house? However, your beautiful dream may be overshadowed by one significant problem.   Moles! These creatures are perfect diggers and are able...Read More

Rabbit Starvation

      These days, many folks are learning how to prepare for disasters. One of those things that you must have to survive is food. What I am about to tell you will probably surprise…even shock you.  ...Read More

Tomato Teachings

      One of my favorite thing to enjoy during the warmer months is fresh vegetables and fruits from the garden or from the local Farmer’s Market. There are few food sensations that better mark the summer and...Read More

Strange Creature is Showing Up

      I was driving from Cadiz to Hopkinsville on Highway 68-80 today when I saw an unfamiliar creature lying on the side of the road. It had obviously been hit by a car. At first. I thought...Read More

Wile E Coyote

      I have such mixed feelings on coyotes…one side of me wants to get rid of them, while the other side admires them for their cunning and intelligence. Unfortunately they are overrunning Kentucky and Tennessee. Kentucky officials...Read More

My Mom

      This is probably the most difficult thing I have ever written…mostly because it involves emotions and feelings that have stretched throughout my life. Since Mother’s Day is here, I felt obliged to dedicate this post to...Read More

Was That A Tornado?

      The strongest tornadoes come from the kind of long-lasting, especially fierce thunderstorms known as supercells. As the name implies, these are super thunderstorms with more than their share of potential danger.         In addition to...Read More

Whole Lot Of Shaking Going On

      The 7.0 earthquake the last few days was the second major earthquake in two weeks to strike the Pacific Tectonic plate. The first was a 7.8 magnitude quake which struck Ecuador, South America. Let me be...Read More

A Long Look Out In Weather

      I have been absent from the blog for a couple of days due to the severe threats occupying much of my time. We will soon get back into the severe threat with storms arriving this weekend....Read More

Making Of An Outlook

     I have been watching the developing patterns in the long range outlook for a good while now. For the most part, I have been successful on letting folks know when a storm is coming.        ...Read More