Weather Edge

Where is Fall? It Is Coming!

      So where is the fall weather? Afterall, it is getting to be late September and we are still dealing with warm highs in the upper 80’s and uncomfortable humidity. We have been getting brief shots of...Read More

Fall & Early Winter Outlook

     Several changes have prompted me to update my thoughts on the very long range outlooks into late fall and early winter. At this time I will look at the outlook through December and save the winter...Read More

Toad Sucking is Crazy!

      I have travelled to many places, observed strange rituals, lived off the land and eaten just about anything edible. Except for bugs and spiders. I draw the line there. I use both Nature’s signs, computers, and...Read More

What’s Happened To The Whipoorwill?

      Who else wonders where our whip-poor-wills have gone? If you can remember this wonderful bird singing at dusk, but yet hardly ever seen, you may also wonder what has happened to them.   The song of...Read More

What Makes A Colorful Fall?

      You may have heard that a wet summer has a big benefit – the rain produces the most brilliant foliage come fall. Summer's not for everyone and I have to admit, it is not my favorite...Read More

What Happened In Kelly?

      What is now known as the Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter took place on the evening of August 21st, 1955 near the small town of Kelly outside of Hopkinsville, Kentucky. But this story actually begins in the summer of...Read More

Early Fall & Winter Thoughts

      Ok…here it is. My very early outlook on what I think the patterns are showing concerning fall and winter for western Kentucky and surrounding areas. Let me start by saying there are several things to consider...Read More

Asteroid Strike Possible

      I have been doing extremely in depth research into my early fall and winter outlooks. I was hoping to have it ready to post now, but more and more data is becoming available so it may...Read More

Nature’s Forecast

      Many of you ask what I use to come up with some of the weather forecasts I’ve done. I wish I could give you a good answer.   Sure, I use computer models, I read forecast...Read More

Death From the Sky

      With thunderstorms set to rattle several parts of the nation this week, more lives will be at risk. Anyone planning to spend time outdoors are urged to review key lightning safety tips to avoid becoming another...Read More