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Asteroid Strike Possible

      I have been doing extremely in depth research into my early fall and winter outlooks. I was hoping to have it ready to post now, but more and more data is becoming available so it may...Read More

Nature’s Forecast

      Many of you ask what I use to come up with some of the weather forecasts I’ve done. I wish I could give you a good answer.   Sure, I use computer models, I read forecast...Read More

Death From the Sky

      With thunderstorms set to rattle several parts of the nation this week, more lives will be at risk. Anyone planning to spend time outdoors are urged to review key lightning safety tips to avoid becoming another...Read More

The Number One Weather Killer

      We are now in the hottest time of year. Temperatures in the 90’s and high humidity make it very uncomfortable to be outside. None of us have been a stranger to this season’s hot weather throughout...Read More

Cutting Cooling Costs

      It is the hottest time of year and running air conditioners is almost a necessity. Air conditioning costs U.S. homeowners nearly $11 billion in energy expenses annually, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.   Nearly...Read More

Dog Days of Summer

      It has certainly been hot so far this summer. But we have now entered my least favorite time of year, and with good reason. The lazy, hazy Dog Days of Summer are upon us.   Once...Read More

What’s Happening to the Sun? Part 2

      As I write this second part of “What’s Happening to the Sun?”, the sun continues to be blank with no sunspots. We are still 3 to 4 years away from the solar minimum so the lack...Read More

What’s Happening to the Sun?

      With summer heat and humidity making outdoor activities pretty miserable, it is hard to take any talk of a coming global cooling seriously. But the signs are already starting to show themselves in the sun.  ...Read More