Kentucky Dam Stands Ready To Meet Peak Power Demands


The staff at Kentucky Dam say the historic 75-year-old structure is ready to help meet peak power demands across the region this summer and throughout the yearKentucky Dam Plant Manager K. T. Duffy says the dam and the power generating facility have seen some technicial upgrades through the years, but the facility for the most part is still providing flood control and a reliable source of electricity.

click to download audioDuffy says because it is a hydro-electric facility, they can begin generating electricity quickly during peak demand hours.

click to download audioHe says quick response provides a way to keep the electric power grid across the Tennessee Valley reliable.

click to download audioDuffy adds unless there is a peak demand the number of generation units that run is determined by amount of rain the TVA region has received and the level of Kentucky Lake and the Tennessee River.

click to download audioDuffy discussed the capabilities of Kentucky Dam during a media tour Tuesday morning. Your News Edge and other members of the media toured most levels of the powerhouse and saw the generators working to provide power. Duffy says when all generation units are running Kentucky Dam produces more than 220 megawatts of electricity which will power more than 220,000 homes.



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