Cadiz City Council To Explore New Fire Department Pumper Truck

In a 3-1 vote Tuesday night, the Cadiz City Council approved for a letter of intent for newly-installed Fire Chief Josh Holley to visit a Pennsylvania fire station for purposes of inspecting — and potentially purchasing — an on-the-market used pumper truck.

If deemed fit, Mayor Todd King said the vehicle would cost less than $60,000. If not, the travel expense would be the only cost.

The reason for this ask, King added, is because Engine 2 is a 1974 model, and its current repair bill comes in between $34,000 and $38,000.

King and Councilman Bob Noel both noted that state aid monies at a 3% interest could pay for the purchase, and for a vehicle that remains in service at this time.

Councilman Tim Bridges was the lone “nay,” noting he didn’t want firefighters to potentially be caught with a lemon in a desperate hour.

Noel said he agreed with Bridges’ point, but it’s the type of truck Cadiz “can afford,” and the community has to have “pump capacity” in order to respond to critical scenes.

In other council news:

— A native of Trigg County and Cadiz, DePaul Hendrix approached the body to inform them of his return to the community after 14 years of education and travel. He will be opening a photography studio on Main Street near Helping Hands, where he will work with families while looking to shoot and document off-site events. He will also be working on IT and digital branding with Genesis Express, offering notary services, and will be seeking historical connections of culture back to the community.

— As one of the 2007 creators for the Cadiz Cruz-In, and so much more, King said a proclamation celebrating “Jesse Ray Thomas” Day will be read at 3 PM Saturday near the Renaissance Stage. The public is invited to attend, for what will be the first car show of this season. Thomas was the county’s retired solid waste coordinator upon his death, and in life was a 30-year member of the Trigg County Hospital Board, a servant of the Trigg County Recreation Complex board, the TVA Advisory Board, the U.S. Forestry Advisory Board, and his involvement with Land Between the Lakes included the re-establishment of several hiking trails.

— Councilwoman Susan Bryant offered a public apology to Harper House, following her comments made during a recent Cadiz-Trigg County Tourism meeting about tax abatement.

— And no action was taken, but the council also went into closed session, pursuant to KRS allowing for private discussions of proposed or pending litigation against, or on behalf, of the public agency.