Amendment One Focused On Legislative Sessions And Pay

The first proposed constitutional amendment that is on the November General Election ballot could bring changes to legislative session lengths, who can call the General Assembly into special session, and legislative pay.

Retired 56th Circuit Judge C. A. Woodall, III, says the lengthy proposed constitutional amendment that is on ballots across the state will result in five changes if approved by Kentucky voters. Woodall says the first parts of the amendment deal with when Kentucky General Assembly sessions have to conclude.

click to download audioWoodall says another change proposed by constitutional amendment number one would allow legislative leaders to call a special session.

click to download audioHe says the proposed amendment would also change when legislation becomes law.

click to download audioWoodall says the fifth part of the amendment would allow legislators to set and change their own pay.

click to download audioA yes vote will approve all the changes to the Kentucky constitution, with a no vote resulting in no changes to the state constitution and the power of the Kentucky General Assembly.