Kentucky Workforce Needs Boost To Attract Businesses

High-paying jobs are highly sought after, but in order to get them, two former cabinet members say we need to make investments in education and our force. During the Annual Christian County Chamber of Commerce dinner, former Secretary of Justice, John Tilley and Former Labor Cabinet Secretary, Derrick Ramsey discussed workforce improvements and needs across the state and how we can make the strides necessary to bring in new business.

The discussion, moderated by Planters Bank CEO Elizabeth McCoy, started with a question about the percentage of residents actively looking for work.

click to download audioTilley says the prison population exploded in Kentucky over the last several decades to nearly 30,000.

click to download audioRamsey adds we have to be inclusive of all.

click to download audioRamsey says Kentucky has a lot going for it from the miles of navigable water ways and numerous ways to move freight.

click to download audioRamsey and Tilley started programs to help remove barriers for convicts and addicts called Strategic Initiative for Transformational Employment and Kentucky Addiction Recovery and Training. Tilley says this is just a small step in the right direction.

click to download audioChamber President and CEO, Taylor Hayes says this year he has tried to increase face-to-face engagement, rejuvenate staff and volunteers, and strengthen the values to be inclusive and welcoming.

click to download audioThe Chamber also took time Tuesday night to honor several community members. This year, the Young Professional Award was presented to Bennett Greene, the Ambassador Award was presented to Abigail Landrum, and the President’s Award was presented to Tracey Clark. Board Chair HES Energynet General Manger Jeff Hurd handed the gavel over to Jim Blair, who thanked everyone and encouraged them to continue to support the chamber.