Water Shortage Prompts ‘State Of Emergency’ For Marion

Photo - City of Marion Facebook Page

Governor Andy Beshear is declaring a state of emergency for Marion due to a water shortage. He says the action of declaring a state of emergency for the City of Marion is intended to put into motion all the things the state can do to help alleviate the situation and provide support.

State officials are expected to travel to Marion to discuss remedies with the city and to begin implementing a plan that will provide short- and long-term guidance to the city to ensure that families have access to water. The primary reservoir for Marion’s residents and businesses, Lake George needed to be drained because of a levee failure. The limited rainfall and unseasonably warm weather have now caused the water shortage to become critical.

The Energy and Environment Cabinet has been tasked with assisting the City of Marion and Crittenden County to stop all nonessential uses of water, and the Finance and Administration Cabinet has been directed to provide assistance with resource management and to help with procurement or contracts necessary to deal with the water shortage.