Cadiz Planning Commission Has Questions About Potential Linton AT&T Tower

A legal announcement from AT&T in an October edition of The Cadiz Record — regarding the imminent construction of a 260-foot lattice cell phone tower on Country Road 1264 near Linton — has Cadiz Planning Commission officials perplexed about protocol.

During Tuesday night’s regularly scheduled meeting, newly-appointed Chairman Todd Wallace brought the announcement before the commission, which effectively states that AT&T is “notifying the public of the proposed undertaking and soliciting comments on Historic Properties which may be affected by the proposed undertaking.”

The issue at hand, Wallace iterated, is that officials representing AT&T and the project haven’t presented anything to the Cadiz Planning Commission.

The newspaper notice drew the attention of former Chairman Bob Brame, who notified Wallace, and both Wallace and city representative Craig Stallons stated prior presentations have required a $2,500 service fee for the installation, as well as a of descriptive materials for local leaders.

Since 2018, the planning commission has heard and serviced three other such cell phone tower projects, which resulted in the towers near the Trigg Furnace on Will Jackson Road, Hunter Road near Roaring Springs and the intersection of Buffalo and Cerulean Road.

This has broadened cell phone service and internet accessibility in the county, but areas like Linton and other townships near the state line and lakes areas remain under-served.

Still, the Cadiz Planning Commission thinks something is amiss, as far as a timeline and an order of operations is concerned.

In a July 2019 interview with the News Edge, Judge-Executive Hollis Alexander noted that there could be additional cell phone towers coming to Trigg County

One of those additional locations was Linton.

All four previously installed towers, including one at McAtee Road, were activated in the summer of 2019.