Cadiz Police Recognizes Young’s Lifesaving Efforts

Cadiz Police Officer Shawn Young was recognized Wednesday afternoon by his department, following lifesaving actions taken October 29.

Young was in the Trigg County Schools cafeteria on regular duties when a student was experiencing an obstructed airway. Young was able to assess the problem and provide lifesaving measures by giving
abdominal thrusts and clearing the obstruction.

The child’s breathing was restored and an assessment by the school nurse was completed.

Young’s quick response, recognition of the medical emergency, immediate actions and follow-up assessment resulted in saving the life of the student. A failure to act or after-action delay could have led to a
tragic outcome.

The Cadiz Police Department believes in the recognition of officers, their actions and outstanding efforts in service to the community and their fellow officers. In keeping with this belief, the City of Cadiz Police Department awarded Young with the “Police Life Saving Award.”