New Soybean Disease Being Reported By Farmers

Kentucky’s soybean harvest is ongoing as growers are rushing to get the crop in before extended periods of bad weather sets in.

Although soybean yields have been pretty good this year so far, a newly discovered disease could reduce yields in some affected fields. UK’s Extension Plant Pathologist Carl Bradley explains.

click to download audioBradley and his team did an onsite inspection to try to find out more about this new soybean disease.

click to download audioBradley says the disease was not widespread.

click to download audioThere are some things growers can do to minimize the spread of Red Crown Rot.

click to download audioThe biggest effect on soybeans is reduced yields.

click to download audioBradley says they will be working to find ways to combat the disease.

click to download audioThis is a new disease to Kentucky soybeans but there appears to be no reason for alarm.

click to download audioIf red crown rot is suspected, it is important to contact your local county UK Extension office to submit samples.