Another Round Of Fall Armyworms Possible?

Fall armyworm has been as unpredictable as it was devastating to field, pastures, and lawns across Kentucky.

The Fall armyworm has continued to lay eggs, and we were expecting to have yet another generation of larvae. However, with the cooler weather, development was slowed compared to what we had last month. University of Kentucky’s Extension Entomologist, Jonathan Larson that we may have turned the corner on the Armyworm invasion.

click to download audioWe think of fall armyworm as a tropical pest that migrates into the state each summer from its southern overwintering sites, builds up in numbers, and is killed out when the first fall frost or freeze occurs. But the problem is not quite over just yet.

click to download audioWhile this pest cannot tolerate freezing weather, we will have to continue to manage it until that first frost which could occur within the next couple of weeks.