Tugboats Working To Free Cruise Ship On Lake Barkley [w/VIDEO]

Towboats are continuing work to free a cruise ship that is stuck on a sandbar in Lake Barkley near the US 68 bridge.

The ship was apparently traveling south on Lake Barkley when it became stuck on a sand bar north of the bridge. Reports indicate two towboats are trying to assist the crew of the ship in getting it off the sand bar in water that is between four and six feet deep. The ship apparently veered out of the marked channel of the lake.

Trigg County Emergency officials say they have not been contacted by the crew of the ship to provide any assistance.

The American Jazz is part of the American Cruise Line fleet that offers an eight-day cruise from Memphis to Paducah onto Clarksville and ending in Nashville.  Lake Barkley and Dover is part of the cruise route.