Beshear Announces Phase 1C Vaccinations Will Begin March 1st

Governor Andy Beshear announced Monday the regional COVID-19 vaccine centers across the state will be able to move to group 1C and start administering vaccinations beginning March 1st.

According to the governor, they believe the health departments and others will also start vaccinating the 1C group.

click to download audioGovernor Beshear said over 583,000 Kentuckians have at least received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine with five-programs in place to assist in administering the vaccine.

click to download audioHe added this past week the weather was a significant factor in how many vaccines the state received.

click to download audioThe governor also announced 530 new coronavirus cases and thirteen deaths Monday as he stated this was the sixth straight week the case numbers continue to decline. He also pointed out the number of patients infected with the virus that is in ICU and on a ventilator is also declining. All in all, he said the numbers are moving in the right direction.