LBL Fire Crew Saves Unresponsive Woman’s Life in Colorado

A fire engine that belongs to the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area is in Colorado helping with wildfires and other missions.

The crew from LBL has been assisting in many activities through the wildfire season in the state and recently helped in a rescue of a woman.

CorDel Taylor is the fire management officer for Gunnison National Forest and other recreation areas in Colorado, his coverage area is over 3-million acres. Taylor tells the News Edge that support from other areas of the United States is critical this time of year.

Taylor adds the LBL crew was on patrol the day they were called to help with a rescue mission.

Doug Phelps, from Benton, is the engine captain for the LBL fire crew. Phelps tells the News Edge he is a part of a group of three in Gunnison for a 30-day rotation to help crews in Colorado. He adds on August 6th they assisted in a medical evacuation of an elderly hiker.

Unfortunately, there is no word on the condition of the hiker who was flown to a nearby hospital.

Taylor says most of the crews that come to assist them have at least one person who is a certified EMT.

Taylor says they have had an average year in the number of wildfires across the state and adds there is a campaign ongoing to discourage campfires.

Taylor and the crew from LBL work for the United States Forest Service.