AG Cameron Calls Governor Beshear’s Ban On Faith-Gatherings Unconstitutional

Photo: Facebook – Attorney General Daniel Cameron

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron called on Governor Andy Beshear Tuesday to end his targeting of faith-based gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic and allow in-person church gatherings to resume.

Attorney-General Cameron says the first amendment to the United States Constitution provides that Congress shall make no law interfering with the free exercise of religion. He adds, likewise, sections one and five of the Kentucky Constitution provide residents with the right to worship freely.

Cameron also listed other reasons as to why his office believes Governor Beshear’s restrictions are unconstitutional and says it needs to be changed.


Governor Beshear’s March 19 executive order prohibited faith-based mass gatherings while allowing for exemptions for secular organizations and activities, including typical office environments, factories, and retail or grocery stores.

Cameron says he is not advocating for churches to resume in-person services immediately.


Jeff Fugate, Pastor of Clays Mill Baptist Church in Lexington, joined Cameron to share some guidelines churches and church leaders should consider when determining how to reopen, including the possibility of hosting two services every Sunday morning.


Attorney-General Cameron and Fugate are asking Governor Beshear to immediately lift the “unconstitutional restrictions on in-person services.” Cameron also urges all government officials to be clear with Kentucky residents about what is expected of them and clear up the misunderstanding between an order and a recommendation.