Resonate Foods In Eddyville Expanding, Creating 16 Jobs

A Lyon County-based hemp grower and processor plans to expand its operation which is expected to create 16 full-time jobs. Governor Matt Bevin announced Friday Resonate Foods, LLC, will make a $2.7 million investment following the success of the 2018 hemp harvest.

Resonate currently operates a 15-acre processing site near Interstate 24. Officials say the expansion’s first phase would include greenhouses, drying buildings and equipment. In addition, plans include a state-of-the-art craft processing lab to extract, distill and refine hemp into wholesale and retail products at scale.

Following a successful harvest in 2018, officials say the company significantly increased its production contracts with Kentucky farmers this year, including some USDA organic acreage. Similar to 2018, the company also will create seasonal jobs to dry a significant portion of its grown hemp for use in the company’s processing operations.

Resonate is based in Eddyville and produces a range of food and pharmaceutical-grade hemp-related products sold to customers throughout the United States. Officials note the company sells consumer-focused retail hemp products, as well as wholesale hemp products such as hemp raw material and extracts.