Smooth Transition Expected For New Sheriff

Christian County Sheriff Livy Leavell, Jr. has announced the hiring of Sheriff-Elect Tyler DeArmond as a Deputy Sheriff effective December 1st. Sheriff-Elect DeArmond will be taking over operations at the Christian County Sheriff’s Office, effective January 1st, and Sheriff Leavell will be officially retiring on December 31st.

According to a social media post, Sheriff Leavell made the decision to hire DeArmond on the early date in December in order to make the transition into his new position as Sheriff as smooth as possible for him, the employees and the community.

During the month of December, current Sheriff Leavell and Sheriff-Elect DeArmond will be coordinating together to ensure that there is no break in service or protection to the community.

Sheriff Leavell also thanked the citizens of Christian County for allowing him to serve his community for over 40 years in law enforcement. He adds it’s been an honor and privilege.