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        Across western Kentucky last night and this morning, temperatures managed to dip briefly below the freezing mark, but readings technically did not


Lake conditions: Surface temperatures have really fallen since the cold front descended. Last week temps were in the 79 to 80 degree range but

A Very Snowy Winter? Maybe

The first measurable snowfall of the year is predicted for December 23rd, just a couple of days before Christmas. But the biggest news in


High pressure takes over the weather across the South for this week, leading to a long stretch of summery warmth and humidity. We won’t

Dangerous Florence Approaches

There’s never been a storm like Florence. It was located farther north in the Atlantic than any other storm to ever hit the Carolinas.

Preparing For a Flood

I have been looking at the rainfall projections from Florence and the amounts are mindboggling. I wonder how many of those folks living along