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Judge Issues Evidentiary
Ruling In Garrett Dye Case

A key evidentiary ruling that leaves neither side happy has been handed down in the case involving Garrett Dye. According to Ryan Craig with the Todd County Standard, during proceedings Wednesday morning in Todd Circuit Court, Judge Tyler Gill ruled that the clothes Dye was wearing when he allegedly killed 9-year old Amy Dye will be allowed to remain in the case as evidence. However, Gill ruled that the hydraulic jack handle that was used to commit the murder will not be allowed to be presented as evidence against Dye at trial. 

In handing down his ruling, Gill noted that Dye's clothes would have inevitably been discovered in the investigation, despite Dye's coerced confession. In regards to the jack handle, the Judge ruled that had it not been for Dye's confession, which was thrown out by the Kentucky State Supreme Court, the item used to kill Amy Dye would likely not have been discovered, due to the fact that the jack handle was located in a separate locked shed. Dye's clothes were found in the bottom of his closet. 

After the ruling, the Commonwealth's Attorney said they would appeal the decision, while indications are that the defense will also appeal. A pre-trial hearing in the case is now scheduled for October 1st. 
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