From the News Edge: Fort Campbell soldiers deploying to battle Ebola outbreak ---- MSU President has high praise for Trigg County grads ---- One person was injured and another is in custody following shooting at Fern Creek High School ---- Christian County Sheriff testifies during second day of Honey Darlene Summers trial ---- For all of the latest news, be sure to visit our News Page.

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Life Around The Farm

Firing Dark Tobacco at RB Farms
Photo By Dan Dickerson

More Than 400 Attend Beef Bash In Princeton

More than 400 beef cattle farmers from across the state of Kentucky received updates about the industry during the annual Beef Bash Thursday in Princeton ...Read More

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Farm Safety Week - Joey Rodgers - Commonwealth Agri-Energy

Working on the farm or at an ethanol plant have more similarities than one might think.

Hal Fennel Memorial Tractor Plow Day

A large crowd turned out Saturday, September 27, 2014 for the Hal Fennel Memorial Tractor Pull.  Drivers brought tractors from as far away as Golconda, IL and Marietta, GA.  Check out photos from Ag Edge photographer Susan Watts.

Farm Safety - Jay Stone - Christian County Extension Office

Harvest time is upon us, and it’s a time of year that all farmers look forward to.

Farm Safety Week - Max Armstrong - Farm Progress Radio Network

Most all of us can recall the accident. It is hard to forget a tragedy when it occurs in our community.

Farm Safety Week - Kelly Jackson - Christian County Extension Office

Each year more than 235,000 people are treated for injuries from lawn and garden tools.

Farm Safety Week - Keith Todd - Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

John died on May 15, 2003. John was 62. With the exception of 4 years spent in the Air Force, he had been a farmer all of his life.

Farm Safety Week - Jason Outland - Hopkinsville Elevator

Agriculture in Christian, Todd, and Trigg County means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

Photo Gallery - H & R Agri-Power Farm Safety Remote

H & R Agri-Power talked about Farm Safety today during Farm Safety Week. Several points were covered from motorists being careful to watch for heavy equipment/machinery on the road moving from location to location as well as individual safety on different kinds of machinery. The Ag Edge captured new and used equipment as well as their courteous, friendly and knowledgeable staff at work.

Gardening Tips by Kelly Jackson

This Week’s Garden Tip     09/26/14 Kelly Jackson Christian County Extension Office   Landscape Mulching   We’ve all seen garden beds that have been made more attractive by a fres

Photo Gallery - Commonwealth Agri-Energy

It's Farm Safety Week and Alan Watts and the Ag Edge were at Commonwealth Agri-Energy in Hopkinsville to find out about the many facets of the operation of Commonwealth Agri-Energy, and safety features built into the system, and followed by each staff member. Literally tons of corn is processed daily at the plant. While were were there, train cars carrying corn were being loaded, and we got a look at tankers being loaded with E-85. 

Photo Gallery - Cattle Auction at Christian Co. Livestock

The Ag Edge was on hand to capture pictures of the Cattle Auction at Christian County Livestock in Hopkinsville. There were cows, steers, calfs of all kinds and colors beingsold. The food was great and the building was full of energy as the events of today's Auction unfolded. 

Photo Gallery - Christian Co. Livestock Remote

The Ag Edge was at the Christian County Livestock Yard for a Farm Safety Week Remote. We got a bird's eye view of the unloading of cattle, herding them in the gates, and getting them weighed for the sale today. 
(KCARD) is a non-profit 501(c)-3 organization established to facilitate agricultural and rural business development in Kentucky. KCARD provides educational opportunities, technical assistance, and business support services to new and existing agribusinesses. Click here for more information.

Photo Gallery - River Bend Farms

River Bend Farms was busy bushhogging their corn fields getting the soil ready for the next planting. Ag Edge Photographer Dan Dickerson was there to bring you a birds eye view of the process.

Photo Gallery - Planting Winter Canola

Joseph Sisk and his staff planted Canola on Sisk Farms in South Christian and Trigg Counties in mid-September.  Ag Edge photographer Susan Watts is following the Canola crop through the season.

Gardening Tips by Kelly Jackson

Kelly Jackson Christian County Extension Office This Week's Garden Tip 9/19/14 Fall Landscape Care So often we hear that fall or winter is a particularly good time to do certain things in the landscape. This is usually due to the fact that plants hav

H & R Agripower Hosts United Way Fundraising Carnival

H & R Agripower hosted a United Way fundraising carnival Wednesday, September 17.  The carnival featured hot dogs cooked by Sam Cherry, snow cones and games.  Ag Edge photographer Susan Watts shares some of the highlights.


Photo Gallery - Kubota Days at H & R Agri-Power in Hopkinsville

Kubota Days was held at H & R Agri-Power in Hopkinsville. Alan Watts and George the Sock Monkey were there to talk about the amazing Kubota lineup of Commercial and Home mowers, and the Kubota lineup of products.

Gardening Tips by Kelly Jackson - Lawn and Garden Safety

This Week’s Garden Tip     09/12/14 Kelly Jackson Christian County Extension Office   Lawn & Garden Safety  Each year more than 235,000 people are treated for injuries from lawn an

Gardening Tips by Kelly Jackson - Fall Army Worms

This Week’s Garden Tip     09/05/14 Kelly Jackson Christian County Extension Office   The Fall Armyworm Although usually a production agriculture problem, this week Fall Armyworm reminded m

Photo Gallery - Simmental Cattle On Hillview Farm In Herndon

Ag Edge photographer Susan Watts shares some photos of Simmental cattle herd on Hillview Farms in Herndon.  Among the three new baby calves is at least one calf that was the result of embryo transfer technology.

Photo Gallery - 2014 Trigg Co. Progressive Farm Safety Day

The Trigg County Progressive Farm Safety Day 2014 was held at the Mize Farm in Trigg County. This event was made possible by Trigg County Farm Bureau Federation, R.B. Farms and Hancock's Neighborhood Market.

Replacing the Knock-Outs by Kelly Jackson

This Week’s Garden Tip     08/29/14 Kelly Jackson Christian County Extension Office   Replacing the Knock-Outs Rose Rosette is a severely damaging disease to nearly all cultivated

Photo Gallery - Industrial Hemp Open House At Davis Farm

The News and Ag Edge were among those who spent nearly two hours on the Davis Farm near Pembroke learning more about Industrial Hemp Monday, August 25th.  The event was hosted by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, U. S. Senator's Rand Paul's Deputy State Director Rachel McCubbin and Kentucky Hemp Commission member Katie Moyer.

Photo Gallery - Cutting Dark Tobacco at Blackpatch Farms

Blackpatch farms was cutting dark tobacco later in the day so the tobacco would not burn in the sun. The crew walked through the tobacco, carefully laying it down after it was cut to avoid breaking any leaves off the plants. The Ag Edge was there to bring you a glimpse of this process.

Photo Gallery - Housing Dark Tobacco at Blackpatch Farms

Blackpatch Farms had acres of dark tobacco cut and on scaffold wagons. The Ag Edge caught up with the Blackpatch crew to observe them housing dark tobacco in the barn. 

Photo Gallery - Seven Springs Farms Shelling Corn

Seven Springs Farms was shelling corn in Christian County. There were four 30 row Combines on the job with several tractors pulling trailers on them to dump the corn into the bins. The Ag Edge was there to bring you these photos.

Photo Gallery - Dairy Cattle At The Kentucky State Fair

Dairy cattle are among the highlights of the first week of the Kentucky State Fair.  Ag Edge photographer Alan Watts was on hand when some of the dairy cattle were in the show ring.