From the News Edge: 2014 Cadiz Rotary Radio Auction raises more than $325,000 ---- Christian County receiving $162,000 in Ag Development funds ---- Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden to be at Fort Campbell Wednesday ---- For all of the latest news be sure to visit our News Page...............................................................THANK YOU to all who were involved in making this year's Cadiz Rotary Radio auction a big success...........................................................................Don't miss out on our latest Loyal Listener Deals.
Ask The Experts

Ask Bob-Bonide Products

Repel those pesky friends with Bonide…

Bonide's Solutions

If you have problems with weeds, ants, and deer, make one stop to Cadiz Do It Best and Ask Bob about Bonide’s solutions.

Cayce Mill Money Saving Minute

Cayce Mill Money Saving Minute - ​avoid potential home disasters with some very simple fixes.

Ask Bob - Bonide Revenge

Protect your lawn and garden from deer, rabbit, and squirrels with an all-natural product called Bonide Revenge.  

Ask Bob - Bonide

Ants are already on the crawl. Try Bonide’s Revenge from Cadiz Do It Best…Not sure what you need?  Ask Bob.

Bonide's Revenge

Ants are already on the move.  Ask Bob about Bonide’s Revenge.  It works!   

Bonide's Weed Beater Complete

Believe it or not, now is the time to treat for weeds, even though you don’t see them.  Just Ask Bob at Cadiz Do It Best about Bonide’s Weed Beater Complete and also find out more about the 4 Phase Program by Bonide that will help you have a beautiful lawn.  

Ask Bob - Bonide

Ask Bob about Bonide’s 4 Phase program that will keep your yard looking beautiful.  Be sure to ask about the $35 coupon too!  

Start Now With Bonide

Now is the time to start preparing your lawn and garden with Bonide.

Trigg County Hospital - Brenda Scott

Brenda Scott, Director of Health Care Quality

Trigg County Hospital - Christy Hale

Christy Hale, new nurse Practitioner at Trigg County Health and Wellness Center.

Trigg County Hospital

Meet Dr. Julie Forbush, the newest doctor at Trigg County Hospital.

Trigg County Hospital

Cindy Allen Lax sits down and talks with Rebecca Springer, the new Chief Nursing Officer at Trigg County Hospital.

Cayce Mill Supply

All HVAC return air filters are not created equal.

Cayce Mill Landscape Lighting

Make sure your home stands out at night too, with beautiful landscape lighting from Cayce Mill Design Center.

Cayce Talks Toilets

Amy Berry and B.J. Cayce talk toilets again.

Cayce Mill Supply - Atmos

Atmos Rebates from Cayce Mill Supply

Cayce Mill Supply

TVA Incentives from Cayce Mill Supply.

Cayce Mill Supply & Design Center

B.J. Cayce educates us on ceiling fans. Believe it or not, they are not all created equal!

Cayce Mill Supply - Heath Lighting

B.J. Cayce explains the new Heath motion sensor lights and their benefits.

Cayce Mill - Mr. Steam

Pamper yourself with a steam shower system from Cayce Mill.

Cayce Mill - Elkay Sinks

All sinks are not created equal...B J Cayce tells you why.

Cayce Mill Services

Amy Berry and B.J. Cayce talk about all of the products and services Cayce Mill offers....including all of the things you might not have known!

Dream Bathroom

Amy Berry and B.J. Cayce talk about tips to create the bathroom of your dreams!

Cayce Mill Money Saver

Have you ever built or remodeled a home? Do you have plans to do so? All the choices, from shower heads to lighting fixtures, can be so overwhelming. Listen here as BJ Cayce from Cayce Mill Supply and Design Center gives you some tips to make it a little easier.

Cayce Mill Suppy & Design Center

Did you know that even if you are on a septic system, you can still easily retro-fit your home with a food disposal system? Listen in as BJ Cayce, from Cayce Mill Supply and Design Center in Hopkinsville, explains how an "Insinkerator" Disposal system can improve your quality of life.

Cayce Mill Supply & Design Center

With winter weather comes uncertainty. Are the roads clear? Will there be school? Will we lose power? You don't have control over much of it, but you can control whether your lights and heat stay on in a storm. BJ Cayce from Cayce Mill Supply and DesignCenter in Hopkinsville talks about how.

Cayce Mill Supply

Find out how your business can spend less on your electric bills, use less energy and get a tax break from the federal government with BJ Cayce from Cayce Mill Supply and Design Center in Hopkinsville.

Cayce Mill Supply - Atmos

Atmos Rebates from Cayce Mill Supply.

What Does It Take To Keep Your Heart Healthy?

Dr. Shea Godwin talks about the risk factors for and prevention of America's number one killer of women...heart disease.

Godwin Family Practice

March is Colo-Rectal Cancer Awareness Month. Do you know what your risk factors are, when you should be screened or the methods to do so? Find out here with Dr. Shea Godwin of Godwin Family Practice.

Godwin Family Practice - Summer

From ticks to travel, sunburn to swimmer's ear, Dr. Shea Godwin, of Godwin Family Practice, talks about the summertime situations that put your family at risk, how to avoid them, and how to treat them.