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by David Powell posted Oct 18 2017 1:34PM
After much research, I have finally come up with a general idea of what may be expected for the coming winter. Until recently, it hasn't felt like fall in western Kentucky over the last few weeks.
by David Powell posted Oct 10 2017 1:08PM
Here we are in mid-October and everyone is asking "Where Is Fall?" The last few weeks, we kept expecting a more permanent cooldown that never came. On top of that, it was very dry, bordering on drought until recently.
by David Powell posted Oct 3 2017 11:59AM
A persistently dry end to summer and start to fall has put some areas on the cusp of a drought across the Ohio Valley, including our area.
by David Powell posted Sep 24 2017 2:08PM
      October is almost here. With that comes the changing of the leaves and the drop of the temperature.
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Location : Durham
by David Powell posted Sep 18 2017 2:33PM
      I know many of you are wondering what the upcoming winter will bring. I am actively working on my long range winter outlook but it will be a bit before I have everything compiled. In the meantime, a lot of folks are looking at other methods for telling what the weather will be like.
by David Powell posted Sep 10 2017 12:59PM
We have sure been through a lot lately as a nation and to some extent on a local level as well. We heard about the record-setting amounts of water that Hurricane Harvey dumped on Houston and other Gulf cities and towns, mixing with petrochemicals to pollute and poison on an unfathomable scale.
by David Powell posted Sep 4 2017 4:01PM
      This is a new feature I hope to add to this blog on occasion. As the title implies, it is a look at the long range trends to get some idea on what to expect over a period of time. Keep in mind, these outlooks are overall trends over a three-month period. 
by David Powell posted Aug 30 2017 3:04PM
      After inundating Texas and Louisiana for days, Harvey will race across the Ohio Valley with rain and wind. Winds of 20 to 30 mph with gusts to 40 mph will be possible as Harvey shows it is still a powerful storm. While Harvey is not expected to bring widespread flooding, or flooding anywhere close to the disaster in Texas, enough rain is likely to fall to bring urban and isolated flash flooding to some areas.
by David Powell posted Aug 28 2017 7:17PM
      It is almost impossible to describe the devastation Texas is suffering from Hurricane Harvey. Now Tropical Storm Harvey has drifted back over the open water of the Gulf of Mexico and is re-intensifying.
by David Powell posted Aug 25 2017 8:14AM
Once upon a time, our continent almost divided along the New Madrid fault.  Of course that didn’t happen, but a massive scar formed deep underground, and this area of weakness has remained ever since.
by David Powell posted Aug 23 2017 5:37PM
      According to a CNN poll, they say around 323 million people viewed the recent total solar eclipse. On Monday, August 21, a total solar eclipse was visible from coast to coast in the United States. This was the first time it had happened since the year 1918.
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by David Powell posted Aug 17 2017 4:06PM
      The time of the great eclipse of 2017 arrives on Monday, August 21st. Local officials have been planning for ten years in some cases to make sure all the bases are covered. But one thing you can’t control is the weather.
by David Powell posted Aug 12 2017 5:33PM
      In my last post, I told a frightening story of a beast that is said to be living in Land between the Lakes. I call this frightening because there appears to be some evidence to back up claims of the creature’s existence.
by David Powell posted Aug 9 2017 8:27PM
      Every now and then, you run across something that catches your interest. Recently on Facebook, I saw a brief story about a strange beast in Land between the Lakes. So I decided to dig into this a little further to see if there were any truth to it.
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by David Powell posted Aug 2 2017 11:37AM
      The mainland United States has not experienced such a celestial event since 1979. The rarity of these events means many of us may not be aware of the potential dangers. We have been hearing about the solar eclipse in newscasts, newspapers, and magazines from all over the world on a daily basis now. Pretty much every one of them say Hopkinsville is the place to be for the best viewing.
by David Powell posted Jul 25 2017 5:19PM
      Winter 2016/17 was much milder than average as a whole with very little snow. There were a couple of dustings and I believe the total snowfall last winter was an inch or less for the whole season. This left many folks thinking we didn’t have a winter.
by David Powell posted Jul 19 2017 3:47PM
      The days between July 3 and Aug. 11, are often referred to as the "dog days of summer" and are some of the hottest in the Northern Hemisphere. I always thought that this meant it was so hot that even the dogs would lie around on the porch or under a shade tree to keep cool.
by David Powell posted Jul 13 2017 6:08AM
       I think by now most of you know that I dislike hot weather. But there are good times to it when it isn’t just stifling out there. But you have to be careful. We all love spending the long, sunny days of summer outdoors with our furry companions, but being overeager in hot weather can spell danger.
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Topics : Human Interest
by David Powell posted Jul 5 2017 4:09PM
      A full moon is coming. What will it do to you? The idea that the phases of the moon are linked to the human psyche is one of the oldest and most pervasive examples of folk lore and mythology. It is woven into the fabric of our classic literature, poetry and music.
by David Powell posted Jun 27 2017 10:38AM
      You may have noticed recently that the countryside sounds like a war has broken out. Every year, Independence Day celebrations across the country include the fiery, colorful displays and explosive pops of consumer-grade fireworks. Many times, individuals start celebrating a week either side of the Fourth of July.
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