FROM THE NEWS EDGE: GOVERNOR BESHEAR DECLARES STATE OF EMERGENCY IN WAKE OF WINTER STORM ---- SNOWFALL TOTAL COULD RANK IN TOP FIVE OF WINTER STORMS ---- NATIONAL GUARD CALLED OUT TO ASSIST ROAD CREWS..................................................................For the latest closings and cancellations be sure to visit our Closings page.
Snow Photos Shared by Listeners
Thanks to our listeners for sharing these photos of the snow in their area on Facebook.
tim mcneily
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ginger audas scott-ft. campbell blvd

ginger audas scott

michelle hyde-hurricane road

angela killebrew

melinda thompson

macy taylor

scott schrock-us 68

lorri cone phillips-rosezella the snowwoman

donna ferreira danter-pembroke

tasha rachel henderson-harris

rita trejo colley

rita trejo colley-cerulean

peggy wadlington o'bryant

annette gilliland alder

amber michelle reynolds

amber belanger - lafayette road, hopkinsville

tina lester-pleasant hill church road

cathy ankey-lafayette road in hopkinsville

cathy ankey-eagle way bypass

trina bush clinkenbeard

sherry birdsong-eddyville

march mccord jordan - hopkinsville

kim allen-cadiz

tammy bush4

tammy bush

tammy bush5

tammy bush2

tammy bush3

diane cunningham-sanderson drive, hopkinsville

wade white-lyon co

ralph sharp-princeton

phillip smith

debbie good bruce- Tuggle Road Cadiz

sue waltz-fort campbell blvd

tammy keck-near elkton

dene' donley eldridge-across from hcc

shane goodwin-hwy91 christian county

kim gomez-fort campbell2

rachael rundall-trenton

nikki howard- cadiz

peggy wadlington o'bryant

lee vervoort

michelle wilson jones-hopkinsville

joey joslin-hwy 91 caldwell

kayla cox-I-24 at bush road

kim gomez-fort campbell

kayla cox-blackhawk road in wallonia

joey joslin-hwy91 princeton hopkinsville road

karen franco

john hagan-south tanyard

cadiz police-trigg county roads

jamie austin britt-by wkdz radio

jamie austin britt

eddy craft

heather lockhard-dawson springs road

ginger audas scott-princeton road in hopkinsville

brittany shea hale- hwy 91 christian county

brandi wiegand-trigg co 139 south road

brandi wiegand-near TN border

cindy smith- princeton road hopkinsville

becky williamson-rockcastle road-cadiz2

becky williamson-rockcastle road-cadiz

ann andrews

paulette reagan-hopkinsville3

regina-tiesha dillard-meadow brook apt hopkinsville

tammy keck-elkton

paulette reagan-hopkinsville2

kelsey howland

brianna shea boggess-adams mill road

kelsey howland4

paulette reagan-hopkinsville

kelsey howland2

kelsey howland3

bill booth-wkdz-whvo

kelsey howland5

becky vooris phelps-gracey

robin stevens-western trigg county

tom rogers-wkdz-whvo-cadiz

tom rogers-wkdz-whvo-cadiz3

tom rogers-wkdz-whvo-cadiz2

wade white-lyon county2

wade white-lyon county

tina henricks tomlinson-hopkinsville

michael davis-oak grove4

stacy koster powell-herndon

tim mcneily

michael davis-oak grove2

michael davis-oak grove3

michael davis-I-24

melissa noel-noel drive-cadiz

janet Brasher-princeton

megan meyer

michael davis-oak grove

melissa noel-noel drive-cadiz3

michael davis3-I-24

michael davis2-I-24

melissa noel-noel drive-cadiz2

laura eskew cavanaugh

kyle rader-wkdz-whvo-cadiz