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Posted: Thursday, 12 September 2013 4:10PM

Councilwoman's Case To Remain In Christian County

Christian Circuit Judge John Atkins is denying motions in the official misconduct case against a Hopkinsville City Councilwoman.  He ruled Wednesday that motions by Ann Cherry's defense attorney Ben Fletcher to get the trial rescheduled, possibly to a different jurisdiction, as well as to get the local Commonwealth's Attorney to recuse herself were unfounded and the trial, scheduled for September 19, will stand.

Fletcher's motion to reschedule the trial included several exhibits including a sworn statement from retired detective Chuck Inman. In that statement, Inman says Hopkinsville Police Chief Guy Howie first mentioned Ann Cherry to him during the debate about the change in the pawn shop ordinance and leads online.  Inman says the Chief used some colorful words to describe Cherry and asked him to look into her campaign finance numbers. 

In July of 2012, Inman says police were investigating a stalker or peeping tom, but the case became a priority when Cherry became personally involved, calling the police to tell them she had video of a person attempting to break into a home.  Sergeant Rick McCormack directed Detective Jeff Stevenson to look into the video to appease Cherry and he returned a while later upset that News 5 in Nashville already had a copy of the video.  Stevenson asked News 5 where they got the video and they said "a Councilperson" but they would not identify who.  Stevenson asked them to not use the video because it was an ongoing investigation, but News 5 officials responded that reason wasn't good enough and used it anyway.  Inman says a discussion between himself, Stevenson, and LT Jeff Alexander determined that it would not affect the case.  Alexander left and a few minutes later the Chief came in to ask about Cherry's involvement.  Howie was upset hearing that Cherry had released the video.  Inman says when he discovered that LT Alexander was conducting an investigation into Cherry, at the direction of the Chief, he said it was the wrong way to handle it.