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by WKDZ Admin posted Mar 3 2017 8:15AM

It's almost time for those three weeks that make us all act a little differently. And, next Sunday night, many of us will go into a “cave” for a few hours to start studying, and then taking what we consider our biggest “sports quiz.”
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by WKDZ Admin posted Feb 20 2017 7:57AM

I will admit that I am one of the biggest sports fans anywhere around. However, some of the magic of high school basketball in Kentucky just seems to have been lost for me.
by WKDZ Admin posted Jan 25 2017 12:58PM

I know that striving for excellence is not a bad thing, but there is just something wrong with what is happening currently in women's college basketball. You can't blame Uconn for being good. However, when things reach the non-competitive level they have now in women's college basketball, it cannot be a good thing.
by WKDZ Admin posted Dec 28 2016 8:06AM

It will be a summer of excitement and anticipation either way, however, if the Kentucky Wildcats knock off Georgia Tech in Saturday's TaxSlayer Bowl, the hype for UK football may go to a whole new level.
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by WKDZ Admin posted Dec 15 2016 7:15AM

The anniversary of one of the region's worst air disasters passed sort of quietly this week. I was a senior in high school at Marion County High School, some distance away from Evansville, Indiana, but I still remember the breaking news from December 13, 1977.

That 1977-1978 basketball season should have been a season of celebration for the University of Evansville. They had just moved up to Division I athletics and were now playing with the “big boys” so to say. Before Evansville made the move, their men's basketball program was among the elite in NCAA Division II, winning five national championships, which was the most in the country until Kentucky Wesleyan passed them in 1993. Instead of a season of excitement, the 1977-1978 season soon became a season of mourning and healing.

It was just after 7:00pm, on December 13, 1977. The Aces were flying out of the Evansville Regional airport on their way to take on Middle Tennessee. At 7:22pm, the team's DC-3 crashed as it was taking off, killing everyone on board. The coaching staff, and every member of the men's basketball team, except one, was gone in an instant. Only one player from the team was not on the flight, and to add to the tragedy of the situation, that player was killed just two weeks after the crash, when he was hit by a drunk driver.

A season that should have been one of great hope and opportunity was now gone. The community was reeling, and what the future held for the men's basketball program at Evansville was now in question. However, the city and the campus responded with incredible strength, and the basketball program put a team back on the court the very next season.

A memorial has been constructed at the University of Evansville known as the "Weeping Basketball." On stone slabs are engraved the names of the members killed in both the plane crash as well as the student killed in a car accident. Also engraved is an excerpt from the eulogy delivered by school president William Graves at a memorial service: "Out of the agony of this hour we will rise."

Next year will mark the 40th anniversary of the tragedy, it still seems like just yesterday.


Seniors: Kevin Kingston, John Ed Washington and Marion Anthony “Tony” Winburn
Juniors: Stephen Miller, Bryan Taylor
Sophomores: Keith Moon
Freshmen: Warren Alston, Ray Comandella, Mike Duff, Kraig Heckendorn, Michael Joyner, Barney Lewis, Greg Smith and Mark Siegel
Student Managers- Jeff Bohnert and Mark Kniese

Coach and Administrators:
Head Coach - Robert "Bobby" Watson
UE Athletic Business Manager - Bob Hudson
UE Comptroller - Charles Shike
Sports Information Director - Gregory Knipping
Radio announcer - Marvin "Marv" Bates

Airplane crew:
Pilot - Ty Van Pham
Copilot - Gaston Ruiz
Flight attendant - Pamela Smith

Jim Stewart, owner of the air taxi company that owned the plane, National Jet Services

William "Bill" Hartford CEO and co-owner of National Jet Services

David Furr was the remaining member of the team who did not make the trip; he and his brother were killed two weeks later in an auto accident.
by WKDZ Admin posted Nov 28 2016 10:31AM

I will admit, I was one of those beginning to question if he could get the job done. All Mark Stoops did Saturday is prove me and many others wrong, and that he does have the program headed in the right direction.
by WKDZ Admin posted Nov 21 2016 11:17AM

While many of you may think that UK going to a minor bowl game is not that big a deal, for the future growth in the program it is potentially a very big deal. Yes there is a chance for fans to go somewhere out of town and watch the Cats play one more game, and enjoy a little fun during the holiday period.
by WKDZ Admin posted Nov 7 2016 7:49AM

I want to start this by saying that I am as big a UK basketball fan as just about anyone. However, what UK scheduled for the Rupp Arena floor Sunday night was less than entertaining.
by WKDZ Admin posted Oct 20 2016 8:05AM

As the high school football season heads towards the playoffs, I am going to make a statement that is not going to make some people happy. The current playoff system needs to change.
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by WKDZ Admin posted Sep 28 2016 10:48AM

If you did not see the Miami Marlins tribute to Jose Fernandez Monday night, you missed out on one of those moments that shows what is right with sports. We hear so much about the negative in pro sports, and about pro athletes, that Monday night was one of those moments, that at least for a short period of time, restores your faith in humanity. 
by WKDZ Admin posted Sep 20 2016 9:27AM

While there may have been higher profile games in his young coaching career, there may not be one more important to job security for Mark Stoops than this week's game against South Carolina. UK will host the Gamecocks Saturday evening at Commonwealth Stadium in a near "must win" situation if the Cats have any hopes of going to a bowl game.
by WKDZ Admin posted Sep 12 2016 9:18AM

The biggest question now coming out of Lexington has to do with when basketball season will arrive. UK did not just lose to Florida Saturday, they were “Gator Bait” on a silver platter.

by WKDZ Admin posted Sep 9 2016 8:29AM

It is starting to be a big question around Lexington. And, how the Wildcats perform Saturday down in The Swamp, may play a big role in it. 
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by WKDZ Admin posted Sep 2 2016 8:39AM

I really feel for the guys on the Appalachian State football team this morning. They had it won, deserved to win, and lost it because of a Tennessee mistake and a fortunate bounce of the oblong ball.
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by WKDZ Admin posted Aug 21 2016 8:48PM

Sometimes it doesn't have to be the brightest and most shiny to be fun. Sometimes it can just be comfortable to be a place you enjoy.

by WKDZ Admin posted Aug 12 2016 3:34PM

Sometimes it just doesn't happen for the overwhelming favorite. Sometimes over confidence can lead to a downfall of epic proportions.
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by WKDZ Admin posted Aug 8 2016 2:18PM

Well this was most certainly not the start to the 2016 season that NFL officials were looking for. In case you missed it, there was supposed to be an exhibition game Sunday night between the Indianapolis Colts and the Green Bay Packers.

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by WKDZ Admin posted Jul 26 2016 7:30AM

There are many things that the KHSAA needs to review in Kentucky high school sports, but in my "Cheap Seats" opinion, the current playoff system is one of them.
by WKDZ Admin posted Jul 20 2016 9:13AM

You can feel the excitement in the air, as the calendar marches onward towards August. Yet, it is still hard to believe that it gets underway just two weeks from this Sunday.
by WKDZ Admin posted Jul 12 2016 8:41AM

One of the best ever, and one of the "best" ever in the NBA called it a career Monday. He wasn't the flashiest player in the league, but he won, and won often.
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