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Cadiz Resident, Caleb Reynolds, Tries Out For The VOICE

Wednesday, February 6th, 2014, Cadiz resident, Caleb Reynolds, stopped by to chat with Michael Davis and Cindy Allen Lax about his experience auditioning for the VOICE TV Show.  Listen in to find out the inside scoop. 

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02/06/2014 5:14PM
Cadiz Resident, Caleb Reynolds, Tries Out For The VOICE
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02/07/2014 1:33PM
Best of Luck Caleb!
I am a loyal fan of The Voice and so excited for Caleb to have this opportunity and hope to see him on the show!
07/02/2014 7:29AM
Aww the hottest man is now on Big Brother 16
I am rooting for Caleb all the in CBS's Big Brother 16! He's one attractive man and easy on the eyes and a nice dude!! :-) hope you guys and gals are watching the handsome Caleb Reynolds in Big Brother 16!! :-)
07/02/2014 1:02PM
Caleb Reynolds
He's sick in he head............
07/03/2014 7:55PM
This Kid is cray cray!!
07/03/2014 9:08PM
This man is an awesome man of God. He has a wonderful voice. I hope that he wins Big Brother 16.He is someone that inspires me and makes me want to better myself.
07/04/2014 5:38PM
I am betting the nice comments were either posted by Caleb or by someone in his family. It could also be by someone that he told exactly what to say.
07/04/2014 8:11PM
This guy is TRI-POLAR!!!! STALKER
07/04/2014 9:36PM
Stalker, conceited to a fault, delusional, creepy
07/05/2014 1:53PM
Caleb Needs Help
This man is so full of himself. He needs to watch himself on tv to see what a j erk he is. Attention hog! Creepy Stalker for sure!
07/06/2014 3:55AM
Cadiz resident
Is this how all people act in this town? Awful
07/08/2014 10:35PM
like Caleb
I think he is sweet ans misjudged
07/10/2014 3:29PM
love Caleb in California
Hope he goes far! Great competitor! Would be nice to see competitors to the end! The haters are the crazy stalkers!!!
07/10/2014 8:15PM
Caleb fan
Love him
07/12/2014 4:02AM
Kentucky Man
As Caleb is only 3 hours away in kentucky form where i am at caleb is rocking Big brother Already 1 hoh and this whats nexT?
07/25/2014 10:13PM
He disrespects woman, extremely arrogant, talks about himself to the point you want the conversation to end. I feel for Amber on BB16 as he stalks her and implies she owes him something because of choices he's made in the game. How he passed the pysch test is beyond me. hope he gets evicted or pulled from the game ASAP
07/26/2014 10:56AM
His delusions are comedy gold!
07/27/2014 11:03AM
what an idiot
Totally full of himself. He sings OK but nothing special. He's such an idiot on Big Brother even the HG's are making fun of him
07/30/2014 2:41PM
even the HG's
Even the HG's make fun of him? The Houseguests make fun of everyone behind their backs. But I agree. Caleb is very self-centered. When he gets out out of the house, it will be a real wake up call. Hopefully he can learn from the experience. Amber should have flat told him that she's not interested. Its obvious to the viewers but he seems oblivious to that fact. Amber will be evicted on Thursday, so she can thank her lucky stars that she wont have to be stalked by Caleb anymore.
07/30/2014 4:02PM
Love Caleb! He's a doll and looking forward to him playing the game without amber playing him!
07/30/2014 5:15PM
crosses the line
sorry - but when I saw how Caleb chucked that pillow at Amber, I saw venom, hatred, malice, and anger - none of which make him seem like a positive person - but should def. be charged with Assaulting Amber. HATE HIM! He is a Woman Abuser, and control creep!!! Stalker too!
08/01/2014 4:59PM
beast mode cry baby thinks he's super man!!!!
Told the big brother house guests he went to West Point He didn't attend a 4 year collage much less West Point,. was to be cast in a Johnny deep movie that was to net him a million dollars. could walk on any MLB,NFL, or pro hockey team and be picked up like that, wrote a song that was really written by another person but he took credit for it, was almost pro at swing dancing, was a great bull rider, snow boarder, break dancer, turned down Wilhelmina modeling agency because he wants to act. he would'nt turn down an opening of an envelope much less Wilelmina!!! his family was going to do a hunting bounty hunter reality show but the deal got messed up when the network they shot it for changed hands, almost did the show the bachelor, he could be a master hair stylist if he wanted to....... Said he was too busy working a lowes to cut an album that was offered to him, LOL he can run at lightning speed, R&B records is going to sign him after hearing him sing on the feeds, his dad has over a thousand people working for him and makes 50,000 dollars an hour, with a 1.3 million dolled home and 20 acres and 30 horses all for himself........ He can drink 30 bud lights and not feel a thing, was basically a god in high school --star of football and wrestling, Said in "college" he started in law but switched to medicine, LOL one amazing of a community college, huh? he's a personal trainer and dietician, winner of a poetry contest, fully trained scuba diver, A dog groomer, along with his brothers the best looking guys in his town, everyone knows him there because he's the most famous guy there, dated the hottest chick in high school, the only white guy to make his school's basketball team, He's a gymnast, and of corse "beast mode cowboy" who can win any comp in the BB house even though he didn't. poor Amber, she could never get it through to big head she would never ever lower herself to his level! He is a laughing stock both in and out of that house! Littlle man syndrome, anyone? He should be so embarrassed, all these things can be checked out he's bragging about, yet he said them on tv and live feeds. really sounds like pre law and pre med thing to do, huh? Too funny.
08/01/2014 5:09PM
Don't forget
HE also claims he posed for sports illustrated too. Legend in his own mind.
08/01/2014 6:15PM
Beast mode KoJack
08/02/2014 5:59AM
Saw he was a soldier
I saw a clip for, Baghdad he did for Mother's Day, he served must have warped his mind, he needs counseling before someone gets hurt. ESP amber!
08/02/2014 10:12AM
Racist tattoo?
Tried to get out of shaving his head by claiming he had a racist tattoo on his head. after that did not work and his head was shaved, there is no sign of any tattoo showing through. Does he think being a racist is better than a shaved head? I'm convinced every single time he opens his mouth it's all lies because his lips are moving. it's sick behavior, just sick and creepy.
08/02/2014 10:59AM
Was "almost picked up by NFL to play for the Colts" Argh the lies never stop. Go eat a pickle roid boy.
08/02/2014 3:17PM
You left out
Paramedic, the creator of clothing line, dog breeder and the pups go for two grand apiece, made the cut for survivor but got to choose between survivor and big brother. He does get people can hear him, right? I would be so embarrassed if I were him. Jeez no words for this delusional blow hard!
08/02/2014 3:52PM
lies about his tattoo on his head is hella creepy, the Amber fetish was making me sick too. It's too bad he's such a waka doodle, because he's really good looking
08/02/2014 6:46PM
Stalker Cowboy
Also said today that he didn't want to shave his head because he will never get a modeling contract. Today he said he is going to try and break the have not slop record of 1 month, that way Survivor will want him on the show. He is just an Ego maniac Narcissist that can't except that the hot girl didn't want him. Someone who overcompensates as much as he does must have a small unit.
08/02/2014 7:19PM
Wow, he's just ALL that and more. STALKER, MISOGYNIST, BRAGGERT.
08/02/2014 8:18PM
He's bragging about accomplishments that never happened and never will. He works for lowes for God sake. He stalked a girl that was never interested in him, and he chose to believe it was all because of camera's in the house she was afraid to show her affections. Thank God Amber didn't get stuck in that jury house with Caleb.
08/02/2014 10:50PM
Check this link out
The complete list of Caleb's tall tales over on reddit Maybe he would be perfect in politics since he's so good at re-writing history. I'm sure he will have Nobel peace prize winner on the ol' list of accomplishments sooner or later.
08/03/2014 9:17AM
Feel so sorry for him. There is something not right with his delusional man. Let's hope Amber gets a restraining order against Caleb.
08/03/2014 9:20AM
I pray Caleb gets some help. Am afraid he is damaged and beyond repair.
08/03/2014 12:30PM
Over on she is also keeping a run-down of all of Caleb's delusional claims. Go down toward bottom of page and type in Big Brother 16 houseguest Caleb Reynolds spool of lies into the search engine to see the running tab of claims.
08/03/2014 12:46PM
Even more
a under the big brothers forum has a list going called Caleb's amazing, astounding, feats of accomplishments. List 'em (b word spelled out)
08/03/2014 2:08PM
Tameratattles is also on twitter with more people weighing in on Caleb Reynolds. Is his hometown still going to show up and have a red carpet waiting for him like he said on the feeds? He seems to believe he is the biggest thing to happen from his town, next to the rest of his family of course!
08/03/2014 2:25PM
Community college?
Was stated he went only to a community college, (not sure I'm buying any more education beyond high school) he clearly does not get that you can't study law or medicine at a community college. I almost pity this brainiac, because he will be beyond embarrassed when he gets out and never becomes famous.
08/03/2014 3:22PM
BB household members
Are far worse than him. Geez. Seems like a nice guy to me.
08/05/2014 10:37AM
He's at it again
Could type 100 words per min in high school, but can do 80 words a min now. Also told Donny he has an associate degree in criminal justice ( even though he failed to tell Derrick that when he was called out about never attanding West Point) and wanted to be a policeman but was denied because of his military background. I would think a military background would be only a plus for being a cop. This guy can do anything. If you don't believe it just ask Caleb.
08/05/2014 2:16PM
Least Rode Cowboy
This fool thinks that Survivor, The Amazing Race, and The Bachelor are all going to be waiting to fight over getting him on their show as soon as BB16 is over. I think that he truly believes he is something special. What a tool.
08/05/2014 7:59PM
I like watching Caleb on BB. At least he isn't boring!
08/07/2014 9:11PM
Not much of a beast
43 year old Donny has now WON 5 comps that "beast mode cowboy" has competed in against him. Donny is the real beast and he doesn't try to be anything but who he is. Take notes, caleb, take notes!!!
08/07/2014 11:02PM
I swear...
Caleb dresses like a blind man. Over-alls with one side down & no shirt, pink shorts with long socks & cowboy boots, head scarves with a plastic king crown on top, A onesie that is three sizes to small, and bunny slippers he stole from the girl who never was attracted to him in the first place. "At the end of the day" Caleb has zero since of style! Yea I believe he started a clothing line, sure I do.
08/08/2014 6:36AM
Conceded little $hit! Cannot believe he was in the service.that boy has no respect at all and he doesn't stop nagging til he gets what he wants...he wants what he cannot have & he'll never have this! Do you hear me boy,little pissant (used as an adjective:) look it up,caylibb¡¡¡¡¡
08/08/2014 6:44AM
If I was urban sis I wouldn't want u telling anyone we are you bathe? You even announced the crust behind ur ears & houseguests say you smell.ur very sneaky & not in a good game playing way.BB/CBS who done your casting this season??
08/08/2014 2:39PM
Caleb spent the whole time inside the BB house while the others played for HOH-- -------he did nothing but talk about himself to the camera the whole time. The usual he's the biggest and best and so ripped. He has no idea what a turn off he is with the constant putting himself up on a pedestal and making all these wild claims about himself. so many things are public record but he just doesn't get that. Caleb should just marry himself! Nobody will ever love Caleb more than Caleb. Maybe he will buy a clue when he sees the show and how easy it was to get him to fall in line with whatever Derrick wanted him to do. Those houseguests we're laughing AT Caleb not with him. His ego will never admit it to him though.
08/08/2014 2:43PM
Good idea
Yes, marry himself. What girl of any high quality would date him much less marry him. yuck!
08/08/2014 7:40PM
Oh please
Now CR thinks he won't have time to watch the show when it's over, because he will be too busy signing autographs and such. Never mind that in 16 seasons of big brother not one single person has become famous. I really wonder why Caleb thinks he's got something so special. It is the strangest thing. I LOL over & over every time he opens his mouth. I don't think real stars like Ryan R. Ryan G. Or George C. Have even half the ego that CR has and they actually are everything already that CR wants to be. He wants to be somebody so badly he can taste it. Geez
08/08/2014 8:54PM
Leave poor Amber alone
caleb us going after Frankie to avenge Amber being voted out. He said he is going to apologize to her on national television. (Insert eye roll now) He also thinks he is sure to be voted Americas favorite player when the voting starts, because you know nobody can measure up to him. He also wonders aloud if BB Jeff season 11 & 13 will refer to him as beastmode cowboy when he's interviewed. aw Jeff actually was a beast in comps and is great looking but so humble about it. Dream on Caleb. (A) Clearly Amber wants. No part of delusional Caleb. (B) For America's player Derrick has run that house from the beginning, including running Caleb. And Donny is the guy everyone loves in the house. Everyone felt sorry for Amber having her game ruined by Caleb's creepy stalkerish behavior. I could see any of these three taking AFP.
08/08/2014 9:16PM
Not to mention
Unlike wannabe Romeo Caleb, Jeff actually got the girl.
08/08/2014 10:40PM
I can just see it now, Caleb will be a major player making special appearances at the local Wal-mart and Piggly-wiggly. He will hit the big time. Yee-haa!
08/09/2014 1:01AM
Caleb blew it, again.
Caleb couldn't throw the comp but he can lose them for himself no problem. Frankie wins pov,tells all the guys his sister is famous and Caleb loves Frankie again. Who didn't see that coming, Caleb is so thirsty for fame and such a wannabe. He will suck up to Frankie if he can meet the beebs. They are on the same level of maturity though, so shouldn't be a surprise.
08/09/2014 1:49AM
What is he?
A thirteen year old girl, is what Caleb is acting like now that he knows Frankie's sister is famous. That took a total of 5 minutes for Frankie to mist Caleb and get him all giddy. sickening and pathetic.
08/09/2014 2:50AM
Dear Caleb,
when you get out of the Big Brother house Frankie won't know you. You have nothing, Zero to offer him and that's all Frankie is about. He's an unknown except to bb fans just like you. you 2 aren't famous his sister is.
08/09/2014 4:57AM
Ariana Grande just tweeted "lmao Caleb" while watching BBAD. poor thing just can't get the ladies attention he wants.
08/09/2014 1:15PM
Just like Derrick said Caleb has no chance in heck with Ariana. That lmao tweet she directed at him pretty much seals the deal on that. Caleb has a real problem adding 2 2 in most cases. 0 for 2 on the women out in hollyweird. It's funny how conservative he wants to come across yet he is dying to hang with the likes of Frankie and Justine Beeber. #wants to be famous soooooo bad y'all. LOL
08/09/2014 3:16PM
Beast mode cowboy has Beiber fever! Get that tux ready for that red carpet at the Tastee Freeze. Autographs $5.00 An autograph with picture $2.50!
08/09/2014 5:04PM
Can't wait till it's over...
I cannot wait for bb to be over and see how he reacts to all the negativity! He is the most disgusting, narsosistic, creepy, stalker boy I have ever watched on tv. His poor mother.
08/09/2014 5:31PM
This guy is a tool... t
08/09/2014 10:08PM
next move
New show idea; Here comes Caleb Boo-Boo.
08/09/2014 11:56PM
this is the most arrogant, cocky, possessive person I have ever seen. But at end of day, he wont win anyway, at the end of the day
08/10/2014 8:47AM
I agree he's full of himself but is also super loyal and has a lot of other great traits that make a great human being. Never heard of him before BB but I'm a fan and hope he can go far
08/11/2014 1:26AM
Only Caleb could spend the day with NFL players and still make it all about him. I, I, I, ME, ME, ME that's all he thinks about. Hey, Caleb, why don't you actually accomplish something in your life instead of pretending you have, and then surprise everyone and show some humility about it. I don't know how this guy could have one friend with how focused he is on trying to impress people and having a huge problem with being honest. That he has the nerve to call out fellow bb houseguests as liars is so ironic. for a guy pushing 30 he sure thinks having followers on social media will be the be all end all of everything. I would be a lot more impressed with a degree with a real job, and the ego turned wayyyyyyyy down to human for a start. I pity the girl that gets stuck with him.
08/11/2014 2:33AM
all the past alum big brother players from past seasons are laughing at the beast all over twitter. enjoy your followers, both of 'em.
08/11/2014 1:02PM
After that TMZ story that broke about him, nobody in entertainment will touch him even if he had a speck of talent. He showed his true colors with the racist/homophobic slurs he posted before he ever went on the show. Now he's got every outlet that is covering the houseguests making lists of all his ridiculous claims that will follow him when the show ends. He did make a true statement a few days ago, "he's not the brightest crayon in he box." see, he can tell the truth when he wants to.
08/11/2014 4:33PM
Great insight
caleb on big brother good stuff added weekly.
08/11/2014 6:55PM
Jokers updates has the best live feed updates though.
08/11/2014 9:10PM
where's that NFL contract???
So, Caleb got to go watch some NFL action with Frankie and Christine. How did Caleb come back to the big brother house after that? Didn't he say he could walk on any field and be picked up by the pros? Why I would have thought the NFL would have snatched him up with a huge contract, signing bonus, and go ahead and make him MVP for atleast the next five years going. Don't those NFL athletes and coaches realize that a star was gracing them with his amazing presence? Guess not. I can't believe the NFL would deprive us of the beast mode cowboy like this. LOL I bet he told those pro athletes all about himself, ad nauseam.
08/12/2014 12:34AM
Brush your teeth and keep on making up story's. You do this and that and everything in the world. Your a racist and I cant stand to look at you. Your a sick person. I wont call you a man. You act more like a little girl. You need a big black Daddy
08/12/2014 1:43AM
Why all the negativity? Big Brother is all about trying to "out story" the next person in order to win the game. He's my favorite to win the show. Whether or not you like his style, he was up front with Frankie yet congratulated him when Frankie won the competition alone. He also took a chance when he won the $5,000 and stayed on the block. If any of you who posted believe that people are judged by the same standards they judge others, some are in for real heartbreak down the road. Just sayin'
08/12/2014 2:23PM
Game play
I don't think anyone has a problem with game related game play. people have problems with all the claims he's making about himself- that he's done in the outside world. Even Derrick couldn't let the Westpoint claim go because he knew Caleb never could have made it into such a good Ivy League level college. Caleb admitted he didn't go there because Derrick called him out on it. For Caleb to have done all the things he has claimed -he would have to be about 80 years and very successful in life, not 26 and working at lowes.
08/12/2014 8:04PM
I don't get it
How is it he makes the F word reference to gay people online before going into house, but he rubs, lays, and grinds all over Frankie and Zack like they're girls? He also loves him some Frankie makeup on Thursday live show nights. I'm not sure who looks in mirrors more him or Victoria. Caleb is one of the strangest people I ever seen on any reality show. Absolutely nothing about him adds up for me.
08/12/2014 8:56PM
P0rn seriously?
Caleb is telling all the houseguests tonight how he had an offer to do p0rn but he turned it down. wow, didn't know small town Kentucky had a lot of p0rn enterprises around to seek Caleb out. It's amazing the amount of offers that boy gets. Ifhe can ever break away from the home improvement store long enough, the sky is the limit. Big, huge, important offers just drop in his lap, I tell ya.
08/12/2014 9:14PM
Don't forget about his 20,000 acres and his mule.
08/12/2014 9:54PM
He's going to Nashville, y'all
Caleb says he has a country music manager and a studio in Nashville waiting for him to record 10 songs for $15,000. I've always heard studios charge by the hour and not the song, and that sounds really cheap for 10 songs, unless Caleb found his "country music manager" on the back of a matchbook. I'm sure his first hit will be (But, I ate a pickle for you darlin' so now you owe me a date)
08/12/2014 10:36PM
Beast mode trademark ROFL
Caleb said that he wants to get beast mode cowboy tattooed on him when he leaves, and if CBS won't let him have the trademark to BMC; "he will take them to military court to get it." I guess Caleb didn't read the fine print on that BBcontract, because CBS owns him now. As if Caleb can take on CBS. And Military court for this LOL. YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP.
08/12/2014 10:57PM
Too late cowboy!
NFL Player Marshawn Lynch already has a line trademarked called Beastmode. Too bad, so sad, you're SOL on the beastmode idea. This is probably where he got the whole BMC idea from anyway--- much like the song he tried to take credit for that belonged to and was written by a songwriter that was not Caleb.
08/13/2014 11:03AM
I agree with most of you. He is so into himself that he believes everything he say's. How do you go to collage when he went into the Army right from High School. And military background is a plus when going in to be a police office. I just sit there and laugh every time he tells his stories. He has to go.
08/13/2014 10:42PM
being redneckonized!
Caleb told Donny "it will be fun stuff being recognized in Wal-Mart." well, I think Caleb, that is about all you have to look forward to in your future as a big time celeberity---- being recognized at Wal-Mart. Good to know you're so excited about it though.
08/14/2014 1:26AM
Add another big offer to the list
Caleb said there is a fitness company in Florida that has made him an offer to have him be the face of their new fitness product. Gee, I hope that pesky job at Lowes doesn't stop him from accepting yet another great offer. It is just amazing how this company was lucky enough to find Caleb all the way in Kentucky with there not being any tan buff guys in the whole state of Florida and all.
08/15/2014 10:36PM
Caleb, Stop!
Caleb is being an over grown baby about losing the BOB to Donny, and he keeps saying that the DOR was feeding information to Donny during the BOB. No, Caleb, Donny just beat you yet again, fair and square. This is the 6th time that Beastmode crybaby has been beaten by Donny in a comp. Donny is just a lot better than Caleb gives him credit for, and is twice the man on the inside than Caleb will ever be. Donny is the FF no question about it, and he didn't have to embellish his life even once to become the FF. Donny also has Caleb's number, and has from the beginning of the season. Donny knows all the stuff that comes out of Caleb's mouth is complete and utter B$! Caleb loves to talk a big game BEHIND the other HG back, but will only show his bully side to the girls in the house. Typical cowardly behavior. BMC is about as much of a beast at my little 25 lb. dog, seriously!
08/16/2014 12:34AM
sorta like a dumb blonde...
Caleb is sorta like a dumb blonds, just blow in her hear and you can change her mind. That sums Caleb up perfectly. Derrick can get Caleb to do anything. Go up on the block and by the time he finishes with him, Caleb thinks it is his idea and he (Caleb) runs this house. The only reason Caleb is still in that house is because both Derrick & Frankie know they are way smarter than he is and they can bend him to their will. The guy has proven time and again he's just not very smart about a whole host of things- game and real life. Jmo
08/16/2014 7:47AM
We'll, he did say
"Prescriptions of magazines instead of subscriptions of magazines" sooooo, yeah.
08/16/2014 11:47PM
Caleb said he had a 3.6 GPA in college even though he ranked 68th out of 70th in his high school class. Ha! Okay, I'm gonna need transcripts for this mystery college you speak of! Poor guy never knows when to stop and keeps digging himself deeper & deeper. Sigh....
08/17/2014 12:22AM
What do you think was Caleb's fav?
What would you say was Caleb's all time favorite fairy tale growing up??? I vote for Pinocchio, without a doubt.
08/17/2014 1:37AM
That waxing story he told about his brother/sister-in law so gross. Just no to the nth degree. In what world is that remotely funny? This explains a lot when it comes to his family defending him all over the place. Yuck.
08/17/2014 2:32AM
BMC told the other HG's that he couldn't wait for all of them to see his old high school football footage (because of course he thinks they would be way into seeing them) and then he goes on to tell them and TVGN he's gonna play for the NFL and send the footage to colleges. Um- he's 26 and he's claimed how many majors of study and he's just now gonna send them to colleges?If he want to college wouldn't he have already sent them- maybe gotten a free ride for this football ability? Somebody, please help this boy understand, anybody?
08/17/2014 4:06AM
You can't fix stupid. Zing!
08/17/2014 4:46AM
Beast Mode primping
08/17/2014 4:52AM
Covering red spots?
So "covering red spots" meant curling your eyelashes and applying mascara. How sweet. Spent a little too much time with his pretty little pink princess up in the HOH room hummmm.
08/17/2014 9:58PM
rack 'em up again
Now Caleb is a sociology major. What does that make now for the ongoing list of majors? There is no need for acting lessons his whole life is an act apparently.
08/18/2014 1:41AM
Caleb said he will know if people want to hang out with him because of his fame. I think he's got that all backwards!
08/18/2014 2:35AM
Caleb says when he goes to Nashville people think he's a star. Who are these people? Imaginary people in his head? Delusional is thy name, Caleb. Seriously, seriously delusional.
08/18/2014 11:15PM
He is just too nieve to understand the game. Victoria has better game than Caleb and she is just as Loyal (lost)
08/19/2014 1:42AM
Like the old saying goes..
If Dumb was dirt- he could fill 3 Acres!!!
08/19/2014 2:37AM
No he didn't
Caleb said he has more brains than Hayden. Sorry to point out that Hayden is a college grad and was on the Deans list in college. Keep dreaming cowboy, keep dreaming. I think you might be smarter than Victoria or the hammock though, so there's that.
08/20/2014 5:36AM
Can;t Stand Caleb!!!!
If you put his brain in a bird it would fly backwards. I can't stand him. He is the person I dislike most on Big Brother!! He needs to understand that Amber doesn't like him and wants NOTHING to do with him at all!!! Get a LIFE Caleb!!!!
08/20/2014 11:33PM
Back off...
All of you bashing him must really know him personally!?!? I am not his family but have known him and his dad and brothers for years and I love all of them! The ones popping off about how he was in high school, lol...really? We must not have noticed you in class. Y'all really need to get over yourselves!
08/21/2014 3:22AM
"Popping off"
Who went to high school with him? Everyone is talking about the hot mess that is Caleb & the wild claims that have come out of Caleb's own mouth. If you want to be friends with a guy that you can never trust their word for anything that comes out of his mouth-go for it. I like my friends honest and smart, but different strokes if you like a guy with nothing but fantasy for his reality. Maybe he'll let you hang out at Wal-mart with him if you're lucky.
08/21/2014 4:41AM
Caleb said there will be a riot once he gets back to KY. I think he means the good people of KY think Caleb is a riot. I don't know how this guy will ever get his huge delusional ego and ginormous head through the airport to even get back there though. If he weren't such a gold mine of funny ridiculousness to listen to he would just be sad.
08/24/2014 7:41PM
Can't wait
can't wait till this mental midget is off my tv screen. Time to go back to his double wide and beg for those social media followers that he cares so much about.
08/26/2014 8:17PM
Anyone find it strange?
Caleb can sleep in any of the beds in the house but chose again and again to sleep up in the HOH with Frankie; anyone find that strange? I don't know a single man that would choose to sleep with another guy when there are extra empty beds there for the choosing. Maybe Amber's been gone too long. LOL
08/27/2014 5:01PM
Aren't you all SOOOO perfect ???
Listen, let's start with the whole Amber thing. For one Caleb had Derrick, Hayden, Frankie, Jocasta, and Devin, all telling him to go for it, go after her, she likes you just playing hard to get...etc. etc...Did he get a little crazy...hell yes he did and I think he regrets it. Is he a braggart? Yes he is, but what guy that has some talent and looks as good as he does isn't ??? I think most of you are so jealous of the things he can do, that you can't leave it alone. Grow up and put all that negative thinking to making yourself a better person instead of putting someone else down !
08/27/2014 8:13PM
I hate....
I hate people who can't be honest about themselves and claim accomplishments they haven't achieved . If you're not capable or willing to put in the time to achieve something you are claiming to have achieved, I have no respect for you. it's pretty simple, be the best you can be and don't pretend to be something you're not. By the way I'm a woman so I'm hardly jealous of Caleb, and I don't find him attractive in the least simply because he is posing to be something he isn't. It also should be clear to a 26 year old man when a woman is not interested, and Amber made it perfectly clear she had no romantic interest in Caleb. If you don't mind people who are posers and highly embellish their resume then to each their own. I personally prefer a guy like Donny who is exactly who he betrays himself to be, for the guy I root for on a reality show. a big part of the dislike in Caleb is the bragging, but the main part is the bragging about things they he has never accomplished, but states he has. It shows a huge ego with nothing to back it up, but must be because of a huge lack of self esteem because he is nothing he really wants to be. Lying is not something that should come so naturally in any person, and it's sick when it does. I can't see anyone who has accomplished something in their life and are honest in heir life -having any sort of jealousy issue that you're describing, not in a million years.
08/27/2014 10:24PM
3rd degree black belt claim
Caleb stated he was a 3rd degree black belt. I have a hard time believing that due to his age but mostly due to his form in showing off to the HG'S. My husband is a 1st degree black belt (two degrees below what he claims to be) and my husband has a much better form in displaying technique than Caleb. It's either another untruth or he had a small town course in this field. I wouldn't trust him if he told me the sky is blue and the grass is green though, so there is that!
08/27/2014 11:39PM
Go Nicole
LOL Nicole said "Haydon can actually get the girl"LMAO Amber was on the run to get far, far away from BMC
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