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Cadiz Resident, Caleb Reynolds, Tries Out For The VOICE

Wednesday, February 6th, 2014, Cadiz resident, Caleb Reynolds, stopped by to chat with Michael Davis and Cindy Allen Lax about his experience auditioning for the VOICE TV Show.  Listen in to find out the inside scoop. 

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02/06/2014 5:14PM
Cadiz Resident, Caleb Reynolds, Tries Out For The VOICE
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02/07/2014 1:33PM
Best of Luck Caleb!
I am a loyal fan of The Voice and so excited for Caleb to have this opportunity and hope to see him on the show!
07/02/2014 7:29AM
Aww the hottest man is now on Big Brother 16
I am rooting for Caleb all the in CBS's Big Brother 16! He's one attractive man and easy on the eyes and a nice dude!! :-) hope you guys and gals are watching the handsome Caleb Reynolds in Big Brother 16!! :-)
07/02/2014 1:02PM
Caleb Reynolds
He's sick in he head............
07/03/2014 7:55PM
This Kid is cray cray!!
07/03/2014 9:08PM
This man is an awesome man of God. He has a wonderful voice. I hope that he wins Big Brother 16.He is someone that inspires me and makes me want to better myself.
07/04/2014 5:38PM
I am betting the nice comments were either posted by Caleb or by someone in his family. It could also be by someone that he told exactly what to say.
07/04/2014 8:11PM
This guy is TRI-POLAR!!!! STALKER
07/04/2014 9:36PM
Stalker, conceited to a fault, delusional, creepy
07/05/2014 1:53PM
Caleb Needs Help
This man is so full of himself. He needs to watch himself on tv to see what a j erk he is. Attention hog! Creepy Stalker for sure!
07/06/2014 3:55AM
Cadiz resident
Is this how all people act in this town? Awful
07/08/2014 10:35PM
like Caleb
I think he is sweet ans misjudged
07/10/2014 3:29PM
love Caleb in California
Hope he goes far! Great competitor! Would be nice to see competitors to the end! The haters are the crazy stalkers!!!
07/10/2014 8:15PM
Caleb fan
Love him
07/12/2014 4:02AM
Kentucky Man
As Caleb is only 3 hours away in kentucky form where i am at caleb is rocking Big brother Already 1 hoh and this whats nexT?
07/25/2014 10:13PM
He disrespects woman, extremely arrogant, talks about himself to the point you want the conversation to end. I feel for Amber on BB16 as he stalks her and implies she owes him something because of choices he's made in the game. How he passed the pysch test is beyond me. hope he gets evicted or pulled from the game ASAP
07/26/2014 10:56AM
His delusions are comedy gold!
07/27/2014 11:03AM
what an idiot
Totally full of himself. He sings OK but nothing special. He's such an idiot on Big Brother even the HG's are making fun of him
07/30/2014 2:41PM
even the HG's
Even the HG's make fun of him? The Houseguests make fun of everyone behind their backs. But I agree. Caleb is very self-centered. When he gets out out of the house, it will be a real wake up call. Hopefully he can learn from the experience. Amber should have flat told him that she's not interested. Its obvious to the viewers but he seems oblivious to that fact. Amber will be evicted on Thursday, so she can thank her lucky stars that she wont have to be stalked by Caleb anymore.
07/30/2014 4:02PM
Love Caleb! He's a doll and looking forward to him playing the game without amber playing him!
07/30/2014 5:15PM
crosses the line
sorry - but when I saw how Caleb chucked that pillow at Amber, I saw venom, hatred, malice, and anger - none of which make him seem like a positive person - but should def. be charged with Assaulting Amber. HATE HIM! He is a Woman Abuser, and control creep!!! Stalker too!
08/01/2014 4:59PM
beast mode cry baby thinks he's super man!!!!
Told the big brother house guests he went to West Point He didn't attend a 4 year collage much less West Point,. was to be cast in a Johnny deep movie that was to net him a million dollars. could walk on any MLB,NFL, or pro hockey team and be picked up like that, wrote a song that was really written by another person but he took credit for it, was almost pro at swing dancing, was a great bull rider, snow boarder, break dancer, turned down Wilhelmina modeling agency because he wants to act. he would'nt turn down an opening of an envelope much less Wilelmina!!! his family was going to do a hunting bounty hunter reality show but the deal got messed up when the network they shot it for changed hands, almost did the show the bachelor, he could be a master hair stylist if he wanted to....... Said he was too busy working a lowes to cut an album that was offered to him, LOL he can run at lightning speed, R&B records is going to sign him after hearing him sing on the feeds, his dad has over a thousand people working for him and makes 50,000 dollars an hour, with a 1.3 million dolled home and 20 acres and 30 horses all for himself........ He can drink 30 bud lights and not feel a thing, was basically a god in high school --star of football and wrestling, Said in "college" he started in law but switched to medicine, LOL one amazing of a community college, huh? he's a personal trainer and dietician, winner of a poetry contest, fully trained scuba diver, A dog groomer, along with his brothers the best looking guys in his town, everyone knows him there because he's the most famous guy there, dated the hottest chick in high school, the only white guy to make his school's basketball team, He's a gymnast, and of corse "beast mode cowboy" who can win any comp in the BB house even though he didn't. poor Amber, she could never get it through to big head she would never ever lower herself to his level! He is a laughing stock both in and out of that house! Littlle man syndrome, anyone? He should be so embarrassed, all these things can be checked out he's bragging about, yet he said them on tv and live feeds. really sounds like pre law and pre med thing to do, huh? Too funny.
08/01/2014 5:09PM
Don't forget
HE also claims he posed for sports illustrated too. Legend in his own mind.
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